This record is an architecture.

Earthen Soundwares - Exquisite Ghost

Earthen Soundwares is the type of music people will tend to wrack their brains over - that is, complex and vaguely "vague". The type of music which may frustrate both those who need to utter "profundities" about the reasons for their taste and those who are bothered by what they perceive as being prompted to. Really what needs to be said about this music, same as any, is quite simple: I like it. I think you should give it a shot. The rest is in the realm of the music - i.e. fertile speechlessness - itself, the realm of music itself.

Still, I think people are well aided by an honest clarity of intention. This music, its means, may be complex, nuanced, but its goals are simple. Do not conflate the two. Jordan, Exquisite Ghost, is a valued friend of mine, intelligent, articulate, profuse with complex ideas and eager to engage the complexity. Yet he continually strikes me with his pragmatism, his ability to be concise and willingness to be moderate, modest. Despite the mystery, grandiosity, subtlety which pervades this wonderful record, he'll tell you that it's simply "mood" music. For "listening to while you browse facebook" (for example). I have been exposed to some extent the rigor, the sheer amount of effort behind its creation, yet E. Ghost is not deluded about its proper use and neither should you be. Just put it on. It's an architecture. There's a sense of pristine spaciousness - recalling FlyLo - which pervades these soundscapes, and you've but to fill them out with yourself, your daily activities, daydreams. Sometimes it's a ladder by which you serenely climb through Stumbleupon; perhaps while you're kneeling over your garden it's the soil in which you plant the spiritual facsimile of each flower, each careful movement of your hands; a shelving unit into which you gently place the thoughts flowing through your head over the course of the day. It's whatever. This music is beautiful as you put yourself in it. 

This isn't to belie the obvious meticulousness of the record, nor to imply that it's per se lacking in beauty, interesting moments, exhilirating musical objects - it's not. Only that I believe in the importance of nameless things, to which family these "soundwares" belong.

Whatever the case, don't sweat; put it on, feel it out, turn it up, turn it off, whatever. I think that's precisely what the music wants: whatever.

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