All of my talk of man as separate and/or superior to nature is mere poetics (and my url/title partially of necessity in a saturated blogosphere). I in fact do not think man is separate from or "superior" to nature and I think this point is especially pertinent now. We have much wisdom to gain from a study of nature, ecology, and the most important uniqueness man has to offer is his ability to consciously understand these points.

I would like to recommend William Catton's Overshoot: the Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change as an antidote to my delusional aesthetics. It is absolutely essential for any self-respecting civilian.

More specifically regarding architectural planning and design, I recommend Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language. It is just as essential for any self-respecting designer, and undoubtedly full of insight for everyone else. As the most beautiful, important book I own and a constant source of inspiration, I will frequently reference it with my blogging.