Morality is a Discussion of Good Aesthetic Patterns

And they change.

Likewise, Jazz is a manifestation of pure morality. It is total focus on what is the good action unto the particulars of an existence. It tells us that we are welcome to - and indeed, should - pursue every motion, that we are not necessarily barred from anything, that we are absolutely free in our efforts to achieve righteousness and as well The Highest shall be - hopes to be, ought to be - itself surprised by what that is.


And how ugly to think that any dogma should be absolute? What a terrible fate for Whomever's Watching. The only dictum I could willingly bind to any existence is that it ought to want for itself, however.

Krupa wants himself.
Lately, I've decided to try my hand at being occupationally "successful". It already suffocates me; I am doing well. I feel that our system renders personal aspiration as only a commitment to means manifested as rigid, physical patterns which you lose the ability to live but instead begin to live you. I am confused. "No" emanates so deeply from my guts - out everywhere but my mouth. 

No, I do not want to do this thing nor that thing. I do not want to pretend to want to do this thing. No, I do not need to do this thing to get that thing. Not now, not ever.

These horrific things called jobs.

There was a time when the earth paid us stipends just to be alive. Tree branches bowed to a kind height under their weight, rivers swelled with their flesh. This is what I feel in my guts, in my chest, in every interstice of my existence: that I ought to be paid just to be; that my only debt is the symbolic gesture of graceful acceptance, of an open hand, an open heart. A product of some shaded place's desire for easy, volitional love.

This way of being has been stolen.

Every atom that makes me shivers with anger/love, an impulse to fight.

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