...Sometimes I wonder why these people even want to be so damned convicted.

Aye... I reckon I ain't really the same about anythin from one day to the next, though we liken to pretend we ain't never changed of heart since first fartin unto God's green earth. Then we go to get ourselves all hot and huffy inside about keepin that up but, persunly, when I'm a thing at any time I oftener than not amn't certain about that'n neither, I just happen to be it.

Well, there must be something which maintains.

I spose. Sometimes it feels like the very ground is just as fickle, playin games of its own boredom. And times I think He Hisself has plumb nodded off, or caught sight of a pretty little thing along whatever road He's on and is swervin like a drunkard crosst the lines to crane his neck, wishin he wasn't so scare't to have followed his heart and done pulled the heck over for once.

Us idling here, ajar and forgotten; Yes, I believe he hath gathered the guts.


You've got to wonder about the gal who finally compels such a thing. What kind of divine rank entailed.

Well they's always been a mystry to myself. Evry rank of em.

Certainly am glad they're around, though.

Yessir. The plain sight of a good'n can just about make it all okay, I don't mind which summbitch you got to hollerin limpdick blues.

An order so wonderful and corrupted ought to make men reckon their lowness... Coffee?

Thank ye no. Makes my heart turn stupid.

I didn't know you had a part that wasn't.

Just happy as all I got one you shiteater.

Well. That's you.

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